We Have A Baby On The Court! Repeat, We Have A Baby On The Court!

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05.03.13 3 Comments

After the Houston Rockets defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 107-100 on Wednesday to cut the latter’s series lead to one game, the CSN Houston postgame show offered us possibly the best highlight from the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Well, at least the best highlight that doesn’t involve JR Smith dancing in front of a giddy Louis CK.

Co-hosts Chet Bongwater and Calvin Swissbeaver offered their viewers the scoop on something something blah blah blah – HOLY SH*T is that a baby? Yes, it is, and that baby is suddenly the star of an NBA Playoffs first round that has been defined by depressing injuries and benchwarmers picking fights with stars.

While we don’t know what happened next, I’ll assume that the baby’s mom showed up to take care of the situation, before calling Shawn Kemp and demanding that he handle his share of the parenting.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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