NBA Round-Up: Lakers Are In Trouble

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05.05.11 2 Comments

"I should probably start dating a Laker. The team needs me."

Dallas Mavericks 93, LA Lakers 81 (Series: 2-0 DAL)

Perhaps they were merely recognizing me by chanting Boo-urns, but it sure did sound like Lakers fans were unhappy with their team’s performance last night. The Lakers starters had a decent night, led by Kobe Bryant’s 23-points, but it probably didn’t help that the team missed 15 consecutive 3-pointers from the start of the game and the bench only chipped in 12 points. It also didn’t help that Kobe missed 11 shots, so I guess what I’m saying is that the Lakers are a mess.

But at least nothing stupid happened like Ron Artest trying to take Jose Barea’s head off in the closing minute. Haha, just kidding, that really did happen, with 24 seconds left so it was a brilliant move that could possibly earn him a suspension for Game 3. I don’t know about you kids, but I’ve missed old Ron-Ron and am glad to have him back.

Celebrity Sighting: Directors McG and Brett Ratner sat courtside together. Asked one fan, “What’s that giant portal to hell doing behind them?”

Chicago Bulls 86, Atlanta Hawks 73 (Series: 1-1)

Derrick Rose was presented the 2010-11 NBA MVP Award prior to the start of Game 2 of the Bulls’ series against the Hawks, and he didn’t get hurt while holding the trophy so that was a good start. But holding on to that trophy sure didn’t stop the league’s youngest MVP of all-time from missing 17 shots. Luckily, the Hawks shot a craptacular 33% to make the Bulls’ pathetic 39% effort good enough to win the game, as well as the joint title of worst game of the playoffs.

With Kirk Hinrich out for the series, Jeff Teague stepped up for the Hawks and led the way with 21 points, but the big star was Jamal Crawford with his whopping 2 points. Looks like someone forgot to order more lucky shots for Round 2.

*orders more bitter beer for table of one*

Tonight’s Predictions: Hey, it’s a night off! That’s good, I’d hate for the players to be rushed. Take your time, NBA.

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