NBA Round-Up: LeBron James Likes Food

04.28.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Miami Heat 97, Philadelphia 76ers 91 (Series: 4-1 MIA)

Prior to last night’s series-clinching win over the 76ers, LeBron James said that he and the Heat were ready to finish their breakfast. After the Heat won, LeBron said he’s ready for lunch. Here’s the thing about these food analogies – the 76ers weren’t exactly a pushover. So if Philly was a plate of waffles, then the Boston Celtics, who swept their “breakfast” handily, are going to be lobsters stuffed with tacos. Too bad the Heat didn’t sign Eddy Curry or they’d be on to their midnight snack by now.

But this isn’t about upcoming matchups – and let’s chill out with the “greatest second round matchup in history” chatter I saw on Twitter last night. Andre Iguodala finally showed up and combined for 44 points with Elton Brand, as their young teammates continued to show promise. But the Three Burger Kings combined for 64 and Mario Chalmers chipped in another 20 so there wasn’t much of a chance for Philly. But on a purely entertainment level, this was a fun series with a lot of fight from Philly.

P.S. – Nice dunk at the end by Dwyane Wade. Call it whatever you want, but I’m very superstitious when it comes to sports so here’s to hoping Wade isn’t, because sports karma exists and she’s a fickle whore.

San Antonio Spurs 110, Memphis Grizzlies 103 OT (Series: 3-2 MEM)

As exciting as the first round of the NBA Playoffs have been*, I can’t believe that this was only the first overtime game. Then again, I’m thankful it was because we’re only in month 1 of 600 and Lord knows we don’t need any extra basketball minutes. But the Spurs have been flatlining in this series, so it was nice to see a glimpse of the team we thought they were throughout the entire regular season. Manu Ginobili led the game with 33 points and Tony “Le Célibataire” Parker dropped 24 as well. It’s hard to believe that San Antonio won this game because Memphis seemed to be outplaying the Spurs on every level.

On a side note, Tim Duncan has finally hit the “remember when” part of his career. We knew it was coming, so I’m not really affected by it, but with his contract expiring and career winding down, I’ve taken extra notice of it so I won’t be shocked when I read “Dwight Howard to San Antonio for DeJuan Blair, picks and Duncan’s expiring contract.”

*I am well aware that the NHL Playoffs have been 100 bajillion times more exciting and I promise that starting next week we will have a NHL Round-Up no matter how much it pains me to spell check names.

Oklahoma City Thunder 100, Denver Nuggets 97 (Series: 4-1 OKC)

At long last we can put a partial end to the upcoming dead air debates of the New York Knicks vs. the Nuggets and which team made out better in the trade. And while we all know the Knicks made out better in the long run, it’s still good to see that the Nuggets didn’t go down without a fight. The Thunder, on the other hand, look good. I mean, they look real good. I want to take them to prom and feed them Boone’s Farm until they think I’m good looking. That’s how good they look. Kevin Durant’s 41-point performance was a statement if anything. Perhaps it had to do with food, in which case my Finals prediction will have some extra flair.

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