NBA Round-Up: The Bulls Are OK*

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04.27.11 4 Comments

*I was very disappointed that CBS Sports used “Bulls on Parade” as their headline this morning. Might have ruined my day. Thank goodness for Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Chicago Bulls 116, Indiana Pacers 89 (Series: 4-1 CHI)

The Bulls finally stopped teasing the poor Pacers with close games and promises of home-cooked breakfast and gave them their bus fare and sent them home. Josh McRoberts was ejected for the Pacers in probably the most exciting non-Bulls scoring highlight, but if you’re going to swing on Joakim Noah at least connect with him so some of us can smile a little.

Derrick Rose was supposedly in a walking boot this week and hampered by – and I believe this is a medical term – a boo-boo on his ouchy footy. But he still dropped 25 on the Pacers to give the Bulls some much needed rest before they find out who they’ll be playing in Round 2. And it’s going to be the Atlanta Hawks.

Orlando Magic 101, Atlanta Hawks 76 (Series: 3-2 ATL)

Prior to last night’s game, I was like a crack fiend trying to sell my ticket (I won’t get into why I only have one ticket for the playoffs, but you can assume it’s because I have no friends) and I eventually settled for less than half of face value so I could go drink my Magic woes away. That’s how little people care about this playoff series. Neither team has played on a level that will give Chicago anything to worry about, which is why J.J. Redick’s 14 points were the biggest highlight of the entire series so far.

So the Magic completely humiliate the Hawks in Game 5 after 4 very close games, and this means that they might be able to steal Game 6 and bring it back to Orlando for Game 7, right? Wrong. Only 8 teams have ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Playoffs and I’m pretty sure none of them ever had Hedo Turkoglu flopping on offense.

L.A. Lakers 106, New Orleans Hornets 90 (Series: 3-2 LAL)

The Hornets have been overshadowed by the Memphis Grizzlies as far as pleasant surprises for effort in the Western Conference bracket are concerned, and Chris Paul has been fantastic auditioning for his suitors this summer and even the contributing players have been busting their butts. But at the end of the night, they’re still playing the Lakers and Kobe Bryant is going to win games. Especially when the Hornets only have 3 guys in double digits scoring and everyone else running around like that girl obsessed with butterflies in Ladybugs. Congrats on the effort, New Orleans.

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