NBA Round-Up: What The F, Spurs?

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04.26.11 3 Comments

I thought to myself this morning, “Damn Burnsy, that’s some serious morning log. Also, isn’t it a little unfair that you do a daily NBA Playoffs recap but not a NHL recap?” And yes, I do suppose that is a little unfair, but it’s also unfair to make me watch hockey.

Memphis Grizzlies 104, San Antonio Spurs 86 (Series: 3-1 MEM)

A few weeks back I called the Grizzlies the hottest team in the NBA at the time and my friend called me crazy, and I proposed a friendly wager that Memphis would upset San Antonio in the first round, but we eventually decided that neither of our kidneys were worth betting. In the meantime, Mike Conley looked like a star last night as the Grizz simply pounded the Spurs. Tim Duncan had a worthless 6 points, while Tony Parker and Man Ginobili did their best to strap Richard Hamilton’s corpse to their back and play Weekend at Bernie’s with him.

The Spurs will need a miracle to reverse this current state of affairs. Better yet, they should just push for the NBA lockout to start now. The Orlando Magic have offered to help.

Dallas Mavericks 93, Portland Trail Blazers 82 (Series: 3-2 DAL)

Tyson Chandler channeled his inner Chris Bosh after the Mavericks blew a 23-point lead in a losing effort in Game 4 and he told Mavs coach Rick Carlisle that he wanted the ball, and Rick yawned and waved him away because he was watching Royal Wedding coverage. But Tyson got the ball more and the result was 12 points and 20 rebounds to make sure the Mavs didn’t blow the lead this time. It also helped that Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry combined for 45 while Shawn Marion finally remembered how to play.

Dallas also went to the line 16 more times than Portland, which helped cancel out the Blazers’ better shooting percentage. Also canceling that out? LaMarcus Aldridge missing 9 shots.

Denver Nuggets 104, Oklahoma City Thunder 101 (Series: 3-1 OKC)

It was a big night for guys named Ty, as Denver’s Lawson went for 27 points to help the Nuggets avoid two weeks of additional comparisons to the New York Knicks. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 61 points, but the young stars just weren’t enough against Danilo Gallinari’s sexy fauxhawk…

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