This Game-Winner From NC State Continues A Completely Crazy NCAA Tournament Thursday

If you haven’t had enough drama for the first full day of the NCAA Tournament, well NC State has a little bit more for you. The Wolfpack, who once found themselves trailing 62-50 with under 8:30 to play, added to Thursday’s late-game theatrics with a buzzer beater of their own thanks to BeeJay Anya.

LSU missed a boatload of free throws down the stretch and scored just three points the final five minutes of the game to allow NC State to continue its run. For some reason the Wolfpack kept shooting threes and wasn’t hitting any of them trailing by three, but they got a tip-in by Anya to cut it to one before the sophomore delivered the game winner.

This was the fifth one-point game of the day, the first time that’s ever happened in the NCAA Tournament. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, you get a day like today, with all the close games, the 14-seeds having their moment, and of course shoes flying around.