An NCAA Executive Weighs In On Amateur Athletes, Says They’re Not ‘Adults’

The NCAA’s level of delusion never ceases to amaze. NCAA executive Oliver Luck issued a ludicrous statement about the lack of an open market for athletes in comparison to players. The statement was in response to a report recently published by USA Today on the inflating market for assistant coaches in college football. Nine assistant coaches make salaries of more than $1 million. That’s a lot of meal plans and textbooks.

Luck’s statement about student-athletes not being adults is bizarre on many fronts. Everyone is categorized as an adult when they turn 18, whether they like it or not. Just because the NCAA wants to live in the fantasy land of amateurism, doesn’t mean these student-athletes don’t have to deal with very real adult situations. Are student-athletes not adults when their scholarship money doesn’t cover their school costs and they have to borrow money to pay for books? Are they not adults when they suffer career-ending injuries and can no longer attend college because they lost their scholarship?

Preserving the false ideologue of amateurism is one thing, but referring to student-athletes as kids to suppress their career earnings is a whole new level of evil for the NCAA.

It’s ironic really, because the NCAA are the ones who need an adult.

(Via USA Today)