A Scary Helmet-To-Helmet Hit Sent Pieces Of Notre Dame Running Back Tony Jones’ Helmet Flying

Mere hours after the NFL suspended Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan for a terrible helmet-to-helmet hit on the Packers’ DaVante Adams, another example of the dangers of football was illustrated by gold chunks of paint and helmet flying through the air during the Notre Dame-Miami U. game.

While it certainly didn’t look intentional, the explosive collision of Notre Dame running back Tony Jones and Miami U cornerback Daryus Thompson stunned Jones and left him sidelined for the rest of the game. It didn’t seem to affect Thompson at all, and luckily, Jones wasn’t seriously hurt.

Here’s another angle:

There’s still no word on if Jones, who just came back from injury, will be able to play next week or if he even has a concussion. Notre Dame is keeping mum on his status.

With an increased focus on player safety across the sport, and more awareness of concussions and their impact later in life after players continue to play through them, it doesn’t take much drama to illustrate how serious a hit to the head is in football. But this hit is truly spectacular in the worst way possible. Two athletes colliding at high speeds, leaving pieces of fiberglass in their wake.

Hopefully, Jones will fine.

(Via Deadspin)