What Is The Most ’90s Band Ever? We Built A March Madness Tournament To Find Out!

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UPDATE: This round of voting has concluded. The Round of 32 is underway. Head here for voting!

The 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket was revealed on Sunday night, which means the most exciting few weeks in sports are upon us. It also means we can use the basketball bracket as an excuse to explore other, non-athletic, but still incredibly important, tournaments.

Enter The Most ’90s Band Ever Tournament.

Now, to be clear, we are not here to establish the best music of the 90s. So there’s no truly great musicians, like Nirvana* or Biggie or Weezer or Tupac in this tournament. We are also not here to recognize musicians whose careers flourished in the 90s, but continue to be influential today. So there’s no Radiohead or Jay-Z or Foo Fighters or Wu-Tang Clan.

The objective here is to determine the MOST 90s group or artist. Those acts that typify everything about the decade, both musically and culturally, for better or (mostly) worse.

(*Although we did include Temple of the Dog, as to not entirely ignore the Seattle Movement.)

With that, let us begin the voting! Below you’ll find polls for every first round match-up. Voting for this round will go from Monday, March 16 through Wednesday, March 18. The round of 32 will appear in a separate post, which will be live on Thursday morning.

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