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The supposed two best conferences in college basketball have only advanced one team each into the Sweet Sixteen.  The Big Ten has a 6-5 record in the tournament thus far, and only has Ohio State left to represent it and the Buckeyes should have lost to Xavier.  Because I hail from Chi-town, I must constantly apologize for the Big Ten's low point totals, stilted offenses and poor field goal percentages by asserting their teams play the best defense in the country.  Nope, they're just God awful.

North Carolina is the lone ACC representative still playing, and the so-called best league went 6-6 through the first two rounds of the tourney.  Too bad Billy Packer will have no team left to champion.  However, I can guarantee this extremely overvalued conglomeration of shit will have at least seven teams in next year's dance.  Whoever believes that Eastern bias doesn't exist is an idiot or works for ESPN.

A scan of the updated brackets reveal the SEC advanced three teams, the PAC-10 three, the Big 12 two, and the Big East two.  No double digit seeds progressed to the Regional Semifinals for the first time since 1995, and typing will be very painful next week as the fingers on my left hand will be 'readjusted' because your hopeful Assistant Editor wagered heavily on underdogs.

Enjoy lovely Jennifer, the last redhead of the weekend , and look for further NCAA analysis from the Chief tomorrow. -KD       

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