NCAA: USC Has Been Bad, We Guess

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06.10.10 4 Comments

The University of Southern California football program is expected to receive a two-year postseason ban from the NCAA today, and the Trojans could also forfeit up to 20 scholarships and possibly some wins from previous seasons. College football’s governing body has been investigating allegations that a sports marketer provided rent-free housing for Reggie Bush and his family during his 2003-05 tenure at USC, an accusation that could cost Kim Kardashian’s former sugar daddy his Heisman Trophy. It’s almost as if – almost – that Pete Carroll saw this coming.

This is certainly a taxing situation for new USC coach Lane Kiffin, who is widely regarded as one of the most respected and honest coaches in college football*. Kiffin has fought considerably in his career to climb the coaching ladder** by working diligently in building strong winning records*** and establishing legacies at every stop along the way****. However, with only a two-year ban, Kiffin should have more than enough time to continue rebuilding and help return the Trojans to national title contention when the ban is lifted in 2012.

* Fart noise.

** Fallen ass backwards.

*** 12-21 career in college and NFL.

**** He’s marked for death in Tennessee.

Throw down the fiery thunder of justice, FOX Sports:

You want to punish USC, NCAA? You want to do something with some teeth that will keep programs from cheating? Force the school to give back its share of 2004 bowl money, TV revenue, and the dough made from merchandise and ticket sales. Force USC to open the 2004 books, and whatever the football team brought in, that’s the fine. If the season didn’t happen and the wins are vacated, then so should the revenue made off of them.

Haha, good one, Pete Fiutak.

The last time USC football received a punishment was in 2001, so the NCAA isn’t likely to slap the “repeat offender” tag on the Trojans. However, many see this “punishment” as too light and a slap on the wrist, but the current USC players are taking this very seriously. In fact, quarterback Matt Barkley is worried about the impact this will have on game attendance, so he is taking his efforts to Twitter, where he responded to the NCAA suspension by tweeting at Taylor Swift to attend a USC game.

Matt Leinart immediately called sloppy seconds.

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