Ndamukong Suh Is Thankful For A Vacation

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11.25.11 4 Comments


For the Green Bay Packers, the Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions was business as usual. The Packers won 27-15 and remain undefeated, while the Lions now have to worry about the fate of Ndamukong Suh, who entered the game as the overwhelming players’ consensus as the dirtiest player in the NFL. With the game still well within reach for his team, Suh found himself tangled up with Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith, leading to a Thanksgiving tribute to Albert Haynesworth.

Suh, as video highlights will prove until another player does something even more stupid to top it, shoved Dietrich-Smith’s helmet into the ground as he stood up and then, for good measure, stomped his shoulder. Of course, us Friday Morning Quarterbacks have the easy job of watching video to determine what happened. We’re not down in the thick of it to experience what really happened. Take Suh’s version, for instance.

“My intention was not to kick anybody, as I did not, removing myself,” he said. “I was on top of a guy, being pulled down, and trying to get up off the ground—and why you see me pushing his helmet down, because I’m trying to remove myself from the situation, and as I’m getting up, I’m getting pushed, so I’m getting myself on balance.”

(Via the AP)

Adding: “And I just had step class the other day so I wanted to show everyone my new routine, and Evan was like, ‘F*ck your step dance’ and he purposely shoved his shoulder under my foot to make it look like I was attacking him. And the camera doesn’t show that Evan got right up and twirled his mustache before hopping in his hot air balloon and flying away.”

The Lions were a great story earlier this season, as they rolled off 5 wins in a row to make it look like the Packers weren’t going to have an incredibly easy path to a perfect regular season. But then came all the chatter that Detroit is the dirtiest team in the league and Cinderella’s story started to sour. Sure, if one team calls the Lions dirty, we can just pass it off that team being a bunch of whiny ‘bags. But week after week, and when even the coach is acting like a baby, it gets old. 5-0 is now 7-4 and I’d bet my lunch money that the 7-3 Chicago Bears can keep their composure and focus better without Jay Cutler than the Lions can without Suh.

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