Ndamukong Suh Won’t Be Punished For His Latest Controversial Incident

On Sunday, in the Miami Dolphins opener against the Washington Redskins, newest Dolphin Ndamukong Suh was involved in yet another controversial play when it appeared as though he may have kicked Redskins running back Alfred Morris’ helmet off on purpose.

However, after reviewing the footage, the league has said that they will not be punishing Suh for this particular instance, as NFL VP of Communications Mike Signora told Fox Sports:

“The play was reviewed by the senior football operations staff and there will be no action taken. While there was contact between the players, Suh’s action was not deemed a kick.”

Suh claimed to not remember what incident with Morris reporters were referring to when they asked him about it after the game. Via the Washington Post:

“I tackled him plenty of times during the game,” he said of Morris. “So, no, I’m not really sure what you’re speaking of.”

The only issue with that statement is that Suh actually only had two recorded tackles of Morris on the day.

Suh was also involved in another incident on Sunday in which it appeared as though he poked Redskins right tackle Morgan Moses in the eye during a play, but Suh told reporters regarding that play: “I don’t know. The only guy that I saw got poked in the eye was my guy [Dolphins defensive end Derrick] Shelby.”

It’s tough to punish Suh this time, because there’s really no way to tell for sure whether or not his intent was to kick Morris or not (nor is it really possible to tell what exactly happened in the Moses play).

However, considering Suh’s reputation, it would not be surprising if a fine and/or suspension came down if a similar incident were to come up again this season, even if there isn’t explicit proof of Suh’s intent.

(Via the Washington PostFox Sports)