A Nebraska Receiver Showed Off Otherworldly Concentration To Catch A Ball While Laying Down

Every time a receiver catches a ball while laying on the ground, they invariably get compared to former Packers wide receiver Antonio Freeman. That was a great catch, but this grab by Nebraska’s Brandon Reilly may be even better.

Reilly ran down the field during the Cornhuskers’ game against Indiana. Tommy Armstrong fired a ball towards his receiver, and Reilly fought with a defensive back in an attempt to make the grab. It got tipped in the air and Reilly ended up laying on the ground, but he stayed concentrated and managed to haul in the pass. The ESPN announcers couldn’t believe it, and the defensive back for the Hoosiers didn’t even seem all that mad, because he played that perfectly and Reilly just made a ridiculous play.

Here’s the catch from another angle:

This season has been incredible for awesome catches. We’ve had receivers all over the country bring in passes that make no sense, and most of them are done despite facing stout opposition from defenders. Heck, we’ve even seen defensive backs make plays that would be super impressive if they were passes caught by wide receivers. Reilly’s fantastic grab against the Hoosiers is just the latest example of this.