This Nebraska Football Player Caused A Tipping Controversy When He Stiffed A Waitress

nebraska cornhuskers
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When is an appropriate time to stiff your server on a tip? Current and former servers will shout, “NEVER,” but don’t tell that to Nebraska Cornhuskers wide receiver Brendan Reilly. And while you’re not telling him things, don’t tell him that the Huskers are bad, or really anything negative about Nebraska football. Because then he won’t tip you.

Reilly tweeted the above photo, and has since taken it down, but College Spun saved a screenshot so we can all decide for ourselves whether he was in the wrong. Reilly did attempt to explain himself:

Servers are tipped employees, which means that those tips are their livelihood. But as soon as you start using that justification here, you remember that Reilly is an unpaid employee, risking his body for no pay and still getting smack-talked about him (to his face!) by fans who lack perspective. It’s a tough call. Neither side is completely innocent in this one.

What makes me land in favor of the server, however (aside from the fact that I’ve been one), is that Reilly admitted the food was delicious! The evening wasn’t all bad, so throw her a couple bones. You can still leave your passive-aggressive note at the bottom of the check, and then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

(Via College Spun)

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