Nebraska’s Punter Summed Up Their Season Slipping And Falling Mid-Punt

Big Ten Network

Nebraska isn’t having a very enjoyable college football campaign under first year head coach Scott Frost. The Cornhuskers were winless heading into Saturday’s home game against Purdue, and things didn’t improve once the game got underway.

Purdue, well, did the thing against Nebraska, handling a Cornhuskers team that’s clearly not up for it this year. And no one play this season has made it more clear that the draw is not in their favor than what happened to poor Caleb Lightbourn on Saturday. The junior Nebraska punter slipped and fell during a punt attempt, dribbling the ball to midfield.

Nebraska trailed 20-7 in the third quarter when Lightbourn lined up to attempt to give the ball back to the Boilermakers on fourth down when a ghost seemed to trip him up. The result is, in a word, hilarious.

We here at Uproxx Sports are incredibly pro-punter. Many of us on the staff are in a punters-only fantasy football league. We love good punts. This is not one of them.

Unfortunately for Lightbourn, things did not get better for Nebraska on Saturday. Under a microscope this may be an extremely embarrassing mishap, but the good news for him is that Nebraska as a whole is far more embarrassing right now than one bad punt.