Nebraska’s Spring Game Featured Everyone From Jack Hoffman To Bo Pelini’s Cat

04.14.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

The University of Nebraska seemingly had one of the strangest and busiest Spring Games of the weekend, and I say that as someone who almost fell asleep in the stands at the Fiesta Bowl Champion UCF Spring Game. Between the social media campaign for #SpringGameSelfie and Huskers coach Bo Pelini leading the team on to the field with his pet cat (more in a moment), there was plenty to write about for reporters and bloggers alike. But then I saw that the athlete with far and away the biggest sports play of 2013 was in attendance, and that’s all I care about. That athlete? Jack Hoffman, the young boy with brain cancer who busted out the greatest 67-yard touchdown run we’ve ever seen.

Jack’s year was an incredible one, as he was honored with his own Upper Deck trading card, met the guy who Jay Mariotti got elected as President, and even won an ESPY. It’s a shame that he didn’t get the ESPY this year, though, because he’d have become Drake’s new BFF. Regardless, the Big Ten Network caught up with Jack at the Spring Game, and this time he was just hanging out on the sideline, instead of stealing the show on the field.

Now, about Pelini and that cat of his…

If there’s ever another feature about the greatest parody accounts on Twitter, and @FauxPelini isn’t No. 1, that website should be shut down by presidential mandate. Especially if that site claims that @NotBillWalton is better. Hell, all parody accounts should be shut down now because none will ever reach a higher point than this.

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