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The Morning Meat is an amalgam of news, scores and links to help you jump-start your day. Think of it as the Opening Ceremonies for you pissing away an entire workday. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

JUST DON’T PEE ON THE TURF. Sadie, the black Scottish Terrier, took Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Sadie’s big moment proceeded a small protest from a couple of women that somehow made it onto the arena floor. What a couple of bitches.

CANCER. Denver Nuggets coach George Karl has been diagnosed with cancer in his neck and throat. He’ll be getting chemo over the next six weeks…and I can’t think of anything funny to tag onto that.

LAYOFF? WHAT LAYOFF? Yevgeny Plushenko took three years off after his gold medal win in Turin. The gold hasn’t rusted; Plushenko leads the men’s singles figure skating event in Vancouver after the short programs yesterday. American Johnny Weir currently sits in sixth.

Scores Over Easy? We’ve Got Upsets!


Virginia Tech 87, No. 23 Wake Forest 83.


Lyon 1, Real Madrid 0.

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • Ufford said it perfectly, but I’ll take it one further; people need to shut up altogther about LOST. Warming Glow.
  • Now you can dry hump a pillow that looks like that guy from Twilight.


  • You know who’s big on Facebook? Nick Saban. Fark.
  • Prince, circa 1984, was caught rehearsing in what looks like my mother’s garage.


  • Joe Sports Fan’s “Softball Guy” is at it again. Does a mustache count as a performance enhancer?

    Joe Sports Fan.

  • If I had a 1oo krones for every time I saw a Norwegian biathlete puke on live TV. Deadspin.
  • A retrospective of crazy video game glitches. I like the part where the guy playing the game threw the controller to the ground and broke it. Unreality Mag.
  • “Tom” stopped using MySpace. That brings the total number of MySpace users to zero.

    The Consumerist.

  • So what was the deal with those potholes at Daytona?

    On The DL.

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