Never Forget These Morning Links

Ah, the first Monday NFL hangover of 2011. And what a Sunday it was, friends. We’ll soon be discussing all sorts of things like last night’s poopfest between Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo, as well as all the college football drama you can swallow. In the meantime, enjoy these links.

(and just like these girls, we want to thank the fire fighters and place men)

(Video via The Daily What.)


Who The Heck Are These Guys: The FilmDrunk Guide To Happy Madison – Every entry should just be “gets to make movies because he’s friends with Adam Sandler”, but you don’t really get to those guys until page 4. [Film Drunk]

‘Home Improvement’ Reunion: Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 30 – And he looks weird. Welcome to your future, Bieber. Now do Wild America 2. |Warming Glow|

The Internet Improves Upon The Art Of The Old Masters with Fat Cat Photoshops – Children 80 years from now are gonna be learning that cats were actually in these paintings, and it’s all our fault. We’re creating Idiocracy by accident, people. [Gamma Squad]

Internet Rallies To Help Mentally Disabled Man Whose Superman Collection Was Stolen – Sometimes the Internet is a cool place. Although really, who steals a Superman collection from a mentally disabled person? There are like eight different questions of “why” in that. [UPROXX]

Wait, There’s a Postapocalyptic Porn? And It’s Serious? – Yeah right, like you didn’t know this was a thing. How hard is it to put some buttf**king in a remake of The Road? Not very. [Gamma Squad]

All Of The Musicians You Were Conceived To Reunite For Hilarity – I like David D., but he is severely overestimating my parents if he thinks they were doing it to Jodeci. My parents conceived me to Andrew Gold, pretty sure. [Smoking Section]

South Park Guys Crash NYU Writing Class – I would give any amount of money for Trey Parker to crash something I’m doing. I don’t care if I’m doing open heart sugery, I want him to lean in the room and yell DOOK ERR JERBSSSS. [Warming Glow[

Of Course Bridesmaids Has A Porn Parody – Torrent or it didn’t happen. Why can’t Kristen Wiig be in this one? [Film Drunk]

Meet the Real Life Russian Barbie Doll – Feel like I’ve already met this lady like 40 times. [Buzzfeed]

Daughter of F1 boss spends $1.6 million on crystal bathtub, says “it’s worth it” – This is how I felt when I paid 15 dollars for the pot holder that looks like Pac-Man. [FARK]

Rumor: Henry Cavill’s Too-Sexy ‘Man of Steel’ Suit May Have to Go – Rumor: somebody finally realized they were making another goddamn Superman movie and nobody is going to pay to see it, so they’ve got to call “too much bulge” and shut it down. [Moviefone]

16 Celebrities Who Fled the Midwest For Hollywood – I want to see somebody make a list of the 16,000 other people who did this and ended up selling t-shirts on the side of the road. [The Smoking Jacket]