People Absolutely Hate The New Chargers Logo, And We Can’t Blame Them

The San Diego Chargers are no more. They are moving to Los Angeles one year after the Rams bailed on St. Louis for what locals refer to as La La Land or Hollywood. A tweet from the team’s account that loves P.F. Chang’s has a letter from owner Dean Spanos, so it’s time for Chargers fans to begin feeling their anger and sadness.

But maybe, a look a the lazy, horrendous, practically plagiarized new logo of the Los Angeles Chargers will give the people of San Diego some catharsis.

There it is. Blue background. White letters. An interlocking ‘L’ and an ‘A’ in capitals. Hmmm. That looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Yes, it’s just the Dodgers logo in a different font with a lightning bolt. You’d think this was the result of the logo being designed in haste, but the Chargers had been contemplating this move for a long time, so this logo had to be sitting on someone’s computer for at least a year. And this is the best they could do.

The Internet, as it does, wasted no time making fun of or “roasting,” as the kids calls it, the new logo.

You could say that because of this logo, the Chargers are taking the …

Not all jokes need to be graphic in nature.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a true roast without the roastmaster: