Your New Crush: Bikini Fitness Model Lone Noras (And The Morning Links)

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09.11.13 11 Comments

Lone Noras

Note: The Morning Links aren’t your new crush. I mean, they could be.

But no, meet 18-year old Lone Norås (typed “Lone Noras” so I don’t have to copy-paste that weird A every time). She’s from Norway, and is the winner of last year’s Norway Open and The Nordic Championships. She’s … something else. There’s a video of her posing, working out and wearing extremely tight shorts after the jump, alongside the links. It’s the right combination of “wow, she’s gorgeous” and “holy crap, she could probably kill me with her bare hands” to start your day off right.

Stay the hell away from her, The Chive.

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Morning Links

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