This Ref’s Inadvertent Whistle On ‘Monday Night Football’ Is The Most Bizarre Call Of The NFL Season

You’ll be shocked to hear this, but there was an officiating controversy during the Monday Night Football game between the Patriots and Bills. At issue was a play early in the third quarter when Tom Brady scrambled to the sideline and tossed a pass to a wide open Danny Amendola. Unfortunately and for some very bizarre reason, one official blew the play dead. We have no idea why. In fact, no one has any idea why. Brady was not out of bounds and, in fact, he was far from it. And Amendola? Yeah, he was in play the entire time. And even if he did go out of bounds, the play doesn’t get blown dead. That’s not how it works.

Head ref Gene Steratore explained to the crowd that the whistle was “inadvertent.” That’s ref code for “hey guys, we screwed up real bad. Touchdown Seahawks.

The Patriots were awarded the ball at the spot where Amendola caught the pass (which wasn’t the correct ruling). Rex Ryan was also given a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for interfering with the side judge on the play.

Again, to review, nobody in the NFL knows what they’re doing anymore. We’re basically making stuff up as we go along.

A bad year for officiating continues.

Unrelated, Bill Belichick thinks he’s a bird or something.

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