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In the endless wake of a lingering fascination with some female pole vaulter comes another, much cooler female pole vaulter.  Her name is Melanie Adams, and I will happily get in line with all the other sports bloggers to lavish the 20-year-old with praise, attention, and phone calls that consist of nothing but heavy breathing.

She's Australian, therefore born to sweat, and she's been vaulting since the age of 11. She has her sights set on the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and indeed on the 2012 London Olympics, and she looks up to the aboriginal Aussie Cathy Freeman and Tatiana Grigorieva, the Russian-Australian pole vaulter who won gold at the Commonwealth Games of 2002…

One day, she says, "I'd like to enter the Miss Universe pageant." Only there's a problem. "I'm hoping to build my profile, but it's hard when I'm in Melbourne and they (her modelling agency) are in Sydney."

Probably the best thing about Melanie is that she's okay with a little exposure.  God forbid someone already in the public eye should get some attention from a blog, causing a front-page Washington Post story that draws the highfalutin arbiters of right and wrong out of the woodwork.  Hey shitheads, how about you fuck off and I'll just keep this outpost of free speech intact?  Thanks.

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