12.28.06 11 years ago 9 Comments

If you saw Casino Royale, you know that the best part of the movie besides the extremely sexy Daniel Craig Judi Dench Caterina Murino was the opening chase sequence where the bomb maker dude does all sorts of crazy shit to run away from Bond. Well, that guy is Sebastien Foucan, the sport is called free running, and there's a very long, very fucking sweet YouTube video of it (free running, not the Bond scene).

Seriously, this clip is worth your eight and a half minutes. It's the coolest thing I've seen all day. Which is saying a lot, because I've looked in the mirror at least three times. And one of those times I was wearing a fedora.

(You can see some more free running over at We Are The Postmen, if you're so inclined.)

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