New Favorite Thing: The Surf Dog Hall Of Fame

Who says that September 11 has to be a downer? This Sunday, as we all settle into our couch grooves for another season of NFL action, an event of epic proportions will be taking place in Del Mar, California. Not only will dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes be taking to Dog Beach for our favorite annual event – Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon – but the Helen Woodward Animal Center will also be announcing the first inductee into the event’s brand new Hall of Fame. That lucky pooch is Buddy, a 14-year old Jack Russell terrier.

“This honor is validation that Buddy’s a good surfer,” [Buddy’s owner Bruce] Hooker told HuffPost Weird News. “He’s a special dog.”

Former surf journalist Nedra Abramson, who now organizes the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, agrees, hence the decision to honor him as the first inductee.

“Buddy does it for the right reasons,” she said. “He loves to surf — and he does turns! It’s like he’s a reincarnated surfer. He’s brought the sport great notoriety.” (Via Huffington Post)

There’s plenty of other praise in the article about why Buddy and Bruce do what they do and the insinuation that the dog is surfing for “the right reasons” is hilarious enough. But screw it, the event is incredible and it helps dogs find new homes, so they could tell people that Buddy’s doing it to score major dog poon and I’d still rub his tummy and call him a good boy. Now if I could just get my dog to learn how to do anything.

Check out Buddy in action after the jump.