New Favorite Tumblr: F*ck Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams

A few weeks ago, the blogging/social networking website Tumblr boasted its 1,000,000th blog post and I figured that just meant that people re-posted the same Nyan Cat picture a few hundred thousand times, but it was a milestone nonetheless. Hipsters everywhere flipped their scarves and sipped their PBRs to the news that their beloved site was going mainstream, and the rest of us just kind of shrugged.
But every once in a blue moon, in the Tumblr sea of copycats and re-blogs, there is a shining light that makes it all worthwhile and today that beacon is F*ck Yeah! Nancy Grace Monster Jams. So what is this new favorite obsession? It’s a site devoted to Nancy Grace’s head crudely photoshopped on slam dunking basketball players.
Sure, I’m easily amused. But I think there’s plenty of joy to be had in her ridiculous faces plastered over Dwight Howard’s shoulders. At least for a few weeks until I find more things to fire out of Miley Cyrus’s babymaker. But in the meantime, fire up the “Jock Jams” for Nancy “Snarls Barkley” Grace.