Can The New iPhone Survive A Roundhouse Kick From UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold?

The new iPhones are tough, but are they tough enough to survive a spinning roundhouse kick from UFC fighter Luke Rockhold? The short answer? No. The long answer? Hells no, but it’s fun watching him smash a bunch of phones. The guys from SquareTrade had the middleweight contender give the phones a punt and a bend, which makes a lot more sense when you realize they’re a gadget-insurance company.

The iPhone 6 shatters instantly into a thousand pieces on both tests, with the phone bending like taffy in Rockhold’s hands when he tries to bend it. The 6S takes way more effort to bend, showing that the folks at Apple took the complaints of cheapness seriously when Bendgate went down. Didn’t stop Luke from managing to bend dat 6S though.

A quick shot from behind the scenes shows what happens to a phone when it’s put through some mixed martial arts:

Damn, these phones are on fire! Don’t try this at home. Or at least not without some sort of cushy insurance plan. Even then … don’t. Just … don’t.