New Jersey’s ‘Salary Cap Gymnastics’ Earn A ’10’ From The Russian Judge

07.20.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

UPDATE: The NHL just rejected the deal. These clowns couldn’t run a laundromat…

If you haven’t heard about this business with Ilya Kovalchuk and his free agent deal, it’s time that you did. It’s not a “scam,” but rather, it’s a triumph of awesomeness, of one team doing everything it takes to re-sign its best player. And if it hadn’t happened in the NHL, it would have been as big a free-agent signing as LeBron and that other guy.

The Devils are set to announce that they have signed Kovalchuck to a 17-year $102 million deal at 1 p.m. today. The contract is the longest in NHL history.[..]

Kovalchuk had previously turned down a 12-year $101 million offer from the Atlanta Thrashers earlier this year, after which they traded him to the Devils. Atlanta fans are sure to be frustrated when they find out he signed for only $1 million more (spread out over five more seasons) with New Jersey. However, Kovalchuk’s motive is sure to be that he is positioning himself for a chance at the Stanley Cup. –Forbes.

I hate to go on a free-market rant here, but I hate hate HATE the salary cap. Look, if you don’t want to play your personnel market value, then don’t, but don’t whine about how your poor franchise is losing money while you’re playing your games in an arena that you didn’t pay for and TV contract that pays out out the ears. Aw, no, we can’t compete with the Yankees! The world needs ditch diggers, too.

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