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Brett Favre was rumored to wind up in so many places, you'd think he had his dick in Carmen Sandiego's ass. But now we can answer Where In The World Is That Limey Old Fuck: in northern New Jersey, touring the Jets' facilities while the team curses his name as they prepare to play their first preseason game in Cleveland. But Favre, who holds the records for career passing yards, completions, and passing TDs, might had another mark to his old, soggy resume. This one would be for jersey sales, according to Darren Rovell of

An NFL official told me this morning that, at this pace, so many No. 4 Favre jerseys have been sold that he's expected to set the record for the most jerseys sold of a single player in a 24-hour period.

The official also told me that so many jerseys have been ordered that is also expected to set a single day revenue record as well.

I really have nothing else to add, except that I look forward to the New York media ripping Brett a second anal cavity, and this whole Favre-a-palooza thing eventually dying. "He's just having fun out there," will soon be replaced with, "That guy's old, and he sucks more cock than…." I don't know, somebody that sucks a lot of cock.

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