New Logo Idea: Alligator Holding Bat

What you’re looking at may or may not be the new Miami Marlins logo.

“Official unveiling 11/11 (Nov. 11),” texted Marlins president David Samson. “No other comment.”

It could be completely fake, which makes us think it is 100% real. If you’re looking for an other comment, here are a few — my friend Mike says it looks like the old Prism TV logo. David Brown of Big League Stew thinks it looks like an upside-down version of the W Hotels W. I think it looks like something I’d drive or drive over in F-Zero.

So many questions. What happened to the marlin? It used to look like a fish, now it’s just a vaguely Marlin-shaped swoosh. Where’s the teal? You’re getting rid of the teal? Your team came from the 1990s, Florida, don’t try to make me forget that. Are the Rockies going to debut their red, white and blue uniforms next year? What’s going to happen to Billy Marlin? The man’s head is teal. Are you going to replace him with colors? If I have my birthday party at New Marlins Ballpark will I have to pay $150 to get my picture taken with colors?

This could be a soft launch, like when Green Lantern tried to promote itself by accidentally showing us Blake Lively’s boobs, or it could be a complete fabrication. The color scheme matches the logo they have on for the new ballpark, but I could go on Worth1000 and post a picture of the Insane Clown Posse riding a leaping tiger, and if I show it to enough people it’ll pop up on HuffPo tomorrow morning as Detroit’s “new, rumored logo”. So who knows?