The Blown Pass Interference Call Has New Orleans Attorneys And A Car Salesman Very Upset

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Saints fans may never forgive the NFL for the unbelievable blown pass interference call that could have helped them ice the NFC Championship game and send them to the Super Bowl.

It’s impossible to know exactly what would have happened had the proper call been made, but it would’ve taken a far more Herculean effort from the Rams to drive down the field for a game-tying score with under 30 seconds on the clock compared to over 90. The Saints, obviously, believe they would’ve won rather than losing in overtime on a 57-yard field goal. That’s very possible, and at the very least their odds of winning would’ve been significantly higher.

Two days after the missed call, Saints fans have not seen much of their anger towards the NFL subside and the next 12 days between now and the Super Bowl likely won’t do much to ease their pain. As often happens, local business owners see this collective outrage as an opportunity to garner some public support from fans in the area, and a ew are taking their efforts to spectacular heights — a pair of local attorneys and a New Orleans based car salesman.

Car dealership owner Matt Bowers bought up 16 of billboards in Atlanta, the site of the Super Bowl, to present various angry messages to the NFL this week. My personal favorite is “NFL BLEAUX IT” because I’m pretty sure he’s trying to say the NFL blew it, but it reads as “NFL BLOW IT” since the “eaux” sounds like an “o,” which is actually way funnier.

Then there is attorney Frank D’Amico who filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Roger Goodell and the NFL insisting the commissioner should enact Rule 17, Article 3 which allows the commissioner reverse a game’s result or reschedule the game to be replayed or start again from a certain point if deemed needed. D’Amico isn’t alone, as the Simon Law Office sent a letter to Goodell demanding he take action, also on behalf of season ticket holders.

It’s all quite the performance to get Saints fans to love your business, but so goes the game and there’s little doubt this will indeed have the intended effect for some. Still, the likelihood the NFL does anything about this is basically zero, and Saints fans will just have to eventually come to grips with the result of the game, although it seems unlikely they’ll ever fully move on.

(h/t WDSU)