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Like any blogger, I enjoy getting reader comments.  It's a nice reminder that people are reading the site, and it keeps me working hard until I get the next post up.  But more importantly, a good comment can add insight or provide a humorous angle that I missed, and a good comments section can be a destination for readers in its own right.

I'm a staunch believer in the power of the comment: it is, after all, how I began my own meteoric rise to the lofty position of "paid blogger."  So, I'm going to shelve my usual approach to providing commenting feedback — brow-beating the people who get offended and take things too seriously — and instead try some positive reinforcement in the first installment of Doin' It Well, which will highlight some of the best comments from the previous week.  These aren't necessarily the funniest or smartest or most insightful comments; what I've selected is merely a handful of quips that I felt were executed nicely.  I hope you'll enjoy them the second time around.

(And yeah, I know: it's getting a little too meta for me, too.  But this is the only way I could say thanks to all you who make my job a little more fun.)

  • Chinaski talks Chicago on Bicycle Soccer: "Taste of Chicago is the most overrated aspect of the Windy City." You got that right. Eating overpriced food while standing as large crowds jostle you around in 100 degree heat is not that great. Unless some chick takes her top off. Then it's awesome.
  • hardawayhatesyou on John Smoltz's 200th win: Meanwhile Steve Avery pumped his 200th perfect pump at the local 76 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Way to go, Steve!
  • whowillsexmutombo on ESPN's newest blogger: Wake me up when they hire someone I don't want to punch in the cock.
  • insomniac on Tony Parker's controlling fiancée: I think we've all been there. Your friends are telling you to dump the girl and you know they're right. You get yourself all psyched up to cut her loose, then you go over to her place and she's spent an hour on her makeup and is just wearing a bra and a thong that shows off that tremendous ass; and before you know it, you're making wedding plans and killing Congolese refugees.
  • twoeightnine on Port-a-Racin': What a waste of beers. Well except for the ones that were direct hits to the head.

I'd also like to thank everyone who commented on the Paris Hilton and Joey Porter posts.  Those threads were chockful o' commenting goodness.  And if anyone wants to see more of what makes a good comment, check out the Commentist Manifesto, penned in part by yours truly.

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