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The amenities of the new Yankee Stadium were finally out for display yesterday, and perhaps nothing summed up the You Can’t Afford A Gaddamned Thing In This Place more than the $9 “Retro Beer” cooler, featuring 24 oz. Tall Boys of Pabst Blue Ribbon Horse Tinkle. Seriously? For nine bucks, they’d better send some Indonesian kid to my seat and pour it into my damn mouth. The beer, pervert. Pour the beer.

New Stadium Insider caught wind of this yesterday, but it’s still mind-blowing. Some people don’t understand that one of the drawbacks of having expensive beer is that it creates incentive for patrons to smuggle drinks of their own choosing into the stadium. And if 10 bucks can barely get you a can of PBR, it’s reasonable to believe that the new Yankee Stadium will see an uptick in smuggling compared to the old.

More on the Yanks’ new digs after the jump.

Keith Olbermann compares the new Yankee Stadium to the old, in a way that only a smug, self-satisfying prick can. From NBC New York:

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