Two Giants Teammates Got In A Fight Over Beats By Dre Headphones

12.12.15 3 years ago 3 Comments
Damontre Moore

Getty Image

Fights between teammates happen all the time. Most frequently, they happen because of a thing that happened on the field and don’t escalate beyond some screaming at one another. Then, things settle, the two get over it, and they go back to doing whatever they need to do.

Off the field dust ups either don’t happen nearly as much or they aren’t as well-publicized. Usually when fights happen there, it’s because the team is struggling and emotions are high among teammates. Every once in a blue moon, these are so over the top that they ruin relationships between teammates and lead to guys losing their jobs.

An example of that happened on Friday: Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. decided to be a good teammate and buy Beats by Dre headphones for the guys, which is a really nice gesture. That gesture turned into something sinister when a pair of teammates – defensive end Damontre Moore and defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins – got into it over headphone allocation.

Jenkins apparently took several pairs, which Moore didn’t like. So the two got into it, and it led to Moore losing his job. According to ProFootballTalk, Moore didn’t get cut just because of this incident, as he has gotten into some hot water a few times for his conduct. There’s also no word on whether Jenkins will get in any trouble for his role in the incident.

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