The New York Giants’ Start To The Season Is So Bad That It’s Never Happened Before In NFL History

09.20.15 3 years ago
eli manning

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The New York Football Giants are off to a record-breaking start to the 2015 season. In week one, the Giants suffered the worst heartbreak of the week, leading by two scores in the fourth quarter and then falling apart on both offense and defense to let Dallas come back to win. This week? They did the same thing, and have become the first team in NFL history to lose after leading by 10 in the fourth quarter two weeks in a row.

The Giants started slow, but looked great after a 67 yard strike to Odell Beckham Jr.  They ended the half leading 13-10, and then drove the field in the 3rd to go up 20-10. The Falcons looked stymied, unable to move much on O and getting gashed on D. The Giants then moved into the red zone and were looking to put the game away when Eli Manning got blindsided and strip sacked. The Falcons turned the fumble into a TD with help on the drive from an outstanding Julio Jones catch, stuffed the Giants, then got the ball back with 3 minutes left.

That’s when the Giants defense did exactly what the Giants defense does: play terribly. The Falcons got a 20+ yard strike to a tight end, another successful play saw a Falcons player get extra yardage when rookie Landon Collins forgot that in pro ball you have to actually touch a guy down, then Matt Ryan threw a deep bomb that was caught by – who else? –  Julio Jones. The Falcons scored two plays later. The Giants got a big DPI call, but produced nothing in the final minute, and another comeback was complete.

The Giants are now 0-2 in games they pretty much had in the bag, and now must take on the Redskins this Thursday on a short week, as the Redskins are coming off a surprise winning performance over the Rams.

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