The Jets Wasted A Converted Fake Punt On 4th-And-21 By Missing A Field Goal

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The New York Jets aren’t as much a football team as they are a test of loyalty. They are a group of athletes that will do something cool every once in a blue moon, but for the most part, they’re just really bad and make their fans angry.

That is the best way to explain what happened to the Jets on Sunday afternoon against the Jacksonville Jaguars. New York faced a 4th-and-21 with the ball on their 47-yard line late in the second quarter while the game was tied at 10. Since there were 22 seconds left, it seemed like New York was going to boot it down the field and get into the locker room with the score deadlocked.

But the Jets called for a fake punt and had their punter, Lachlan Edwards, toss a pass to Marcus Williams, who is a cornerback. Somehow, it worked out, and the team got a first down, even if things got a little hairy just before the first down marker when Williams ran into a teammate.

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