The Jets Had A Chance To Tie The Patriots In The Final Seconds But Lost In The Dumbest Way Possible

The Jets played the Patriots about as well as New York fans could have hoped, leading New England in the 4th quarter before Tom Brady woke up and burned them for two late touchdowns.

The Pats were leading 30-20 with just over a minute left and the game appeared to be all but over, but the Jets didn’t go down without a fight. Ryan Fitzpatrick quickly marched the offense up the field and after Nick Folk connected with a 55-yard field goal, it was down to a one score game at which point New York still needed an onside kick and a touchdown.

Well they got the first part, as Folk’s onside kick was recovered by Brandon Marshall with just 15 seconds to go and no timeouts.

At that point, the Jets had two options:

1.) Have Fitzpatrick (or even Geno Smith who has a stronger arm) throw a hail mary and give your team a shot at the game-tying touchdown.

2). Run a quick pass play to the sideline and make sure your receiver gets out of bounds so that you have less yards to get for the tying score in the last play.

The Jets opted to do neither of those things, as instead they completed a pass over the middle, and spiked the ball with one second left only for Marshall to not be lined up resulting in a 10 second runoff and the end of the game.

Even when the Jets are good, they still manage to be incredibly dumb at the worst possible moments.