The Mets Suffered The Worst Loss In Franchise History Against The Nationals

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07.31.18 5 Comments

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Ah, the New York Mets. There’s your lede, let’s talk about what happened tonight, because even by the lofty standards set in the 57 seasons the Mets have been a franchise, this was brutal.

Those suited up for the ol’ Metropolitans got their usual three-plus hours of exercise on Tuesday night, but otherwise, not much went right. New York went down to Washington and lost to the Nationals, 25-4. I, unfortunately, was unable to watch the game, because I live in one of those weird in-between zones where games for a specific team get blacked out even though my cable provider does not carry the networks upon which they are broadcast. So instead, let’s just go through stuff in the box score that made me laugh, and I hope it will make you laugh, too. I imagine it will, because it’s the Mets.

First things first, the Nationals won, 25-4. It was, heading into the bottom of the eighth, a 19-1 game, at which point — in a sentence no one could have seen coming — Jose Reyes (that Jose Reyes, yes) allowed a two-run home run to Matt Adams. That stretched the lead to 21-1, which led to this tweet.

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