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This video of the Rangers fan’s scoreboard proposal getting shot down has already made the rounds, and credit has to be given where it’s due; this is a nice spin on the “Let’s Go Down To Floor Level And Make A Big Scene” play. They’re in the middle of the row, both wearing jerseys, and the phrase “Will You Be My Blueshirt Bride?” was corny enough to sound homemade. But yeah, it was a total hoax.

[A] source confirmed Monday the couple was actually actors hired through an agency and designed to be part of the in-game entertainment.

Meaning the Rangers’ game operations personnel were in on the joke, which occurred at 10:19 of the second period of the Rangers’ 5-2 win over the Lightning on Sunday at Madison Square Garden. –NorthJersey.com

Generally speaking, if a woman has all of her teeth, NHL scoreboard proposals are not the way to go. That is to say, don’t ever get married. Unless she owns a controlling stake in Chevron, and even then, be careful. I don’t know why I thought of Chevron. It just sounded like money.

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