Newest Fad: Toddler Fighting Rings

Senior Writer
02.21.11 3 Comments

I don’t fancy myself much of a conspiracy theorist* but I couldn’t help but notice the eerily close timing of Michael Vick’s withdrawal from this Thursday’s scheduled appearance on Oprah and the sudden appearance of a video of two Asian toddlers engaged in Taekwando. Sure, this video has absolutely nothing to do with Vick and clearly doesn’t take place in America, but if Marko Jaric can land Adriana Lima, then anything must be possible.

Anywho, the video you’re about to see is rather intense and your toddlers should not try to attempt this fighting style at home. Unless they dip their little fists in glue and roll them around in broken glass first. Who says brutal death matches can’t be adorable?

*Although the rarity of the McRib does coincide with the endangerment of the red panda… think about it, man.

(Thanks to child fighter Robopanda for the tip.)

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