News: Soccer Now Extremely Interesting

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05.04.11 7 Comments

The title loosely translates to “A self-evident hand that the arbitrator does not see” and so far it’s only got 3,000 views on YouTube (to the amazement of Jimmy Traina), but don’t let those facts dissuade you — what you are about to watch is a wonderful, flagrant moment wherein a guy gets a handful of boob and does his best with it. He’s dressed like a package of butter and kinda looks like somebody Chow Yun Fat would be gunning down in a restaurant, but his girlfriend (at least I hope that’s his girlfriend) just sits there and takes it. Poor thing.

The announcers seem to be having fun with it, and I learned (through the comments section) that if I want to laugh about something in Spanish I have to type “jajajajajajajajaja.” I bet this guy wouldn’t move out of the way and let a fly ball hit his girlfriend … he’d catch it and start rubbing it on his crotch. Ja ja!

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