Neymar Is The Latest Athlete To Pursue A Career In Music, Because Why Not?

Getty Image

Have you ever watched Neymar play soccer and went “this is fun, but I really wish this guy decided to get into music?” Well we have good news for you: the ultra-talented Brazilian forward is going to venture into the world of music starting on Wednesday. Neymar posted a tweet saying that “Neymusico” is coming on Wednesday.

Fox Sports translated this to say “This Wednesday I begin my music career and I’m going to release my first song on Facebook. We will have ‘Neymusico.’ Share it.” So if you’re interested in seeing what it sounds like when one of Barcelona’s best players releases music, make sure you like his Facebook page.

But everyone wants to know: what will music by Neymar sound like? Well for one, he’s tight with Justin Bieber, so you can probably expect whatever he drops to sound like it is influenced by The Biebs in one way or another. Additionally, someone made a compilation of videos that include Neymar showing off his pipes, and to his credit, it’s not bad.

Who knows, maybe Neymar’s music career will be so good that he retires from soccer. Considering he makes an insane amount of money with Barcelona, that’s probably not going to happen, but…actually there is no but, Neymar’s really good at soccer and makes a ton of money. Still, good on him for trying something new.