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It wasn’t bad enough that the NFL decided on a redistribution of offense for their postseason overtime by granting each team one possession in the extra frame. But now the League’s owners are adding even more rules during their offseason meetings in south Florida. It’s only a matter of time before offensive line play is dissolved into hand-shaking and moderate petting.

The key rules change for player safety bars a defenseless player from being hit in the head or neck area by an opponent who launches himself and uses his helmet, shoulder or forearm to make contact. Previously, those kind of tackles were banned against receivers who couldn’t protect themselves, but now it will apply to everyone.

NFL rules also will echo those in college when a player running with the ball loses his helmet. The whistle will blow immediately and the ball will be placed at the “progress spot” where the helmet came off.

The umpire now will be stationed behind the offensive backfield rather than in the linebackers area after the competition committee saw “a hundred” examples of umpires being run over. –

Eventually quarterbacks will be forced to carry purses under center and be forbidden from wearing white cleats after Labor Day. Actually, all the games are after Labor Day, so never mind.

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