The NFL Won’t Use Color Rush Uniforms On ‘Thursday Night Football’ Next Season

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The NFL is getting rid of at least one minor part of our national Thursday night nightmare, though the games that multiple players complained about last season will, indeed, continue, this time on Fox.

With the new platform for the games will come some changes, and one of those changes appears to be the limiting of “gimmicks” to get fans to watch the games. That includes the infamous Color Rush jerseys teams had worn for the last few seasons. The setup was a chance for Nike to introduce new uniforms for teams on the weekly showcase, but the results were not always aesthetically pleasing.

A Bills/Jets matchup was difficult for colorblind people to even follow, and sometimes the bright choices teams like the Seattle Seahawks made were downright garish. Fox’s iteration of Thursday Night Football, however, will look a lot more like the football you’ll see on Sundays this fall.

That doesn’t mean Color Rush uniforms are gone for good, of course. They’re a great revenue stream, and fans are certainly interested in seeing their teams wear different uniform combinations and helmets. The good news is that it seems that trend will continue, just in a different manner.

Loosening the jersey restrictions and allowing more throwback uniforms, for example, seems like an no-brainer. But jersey rules with the NFL are always interesting, and as Garafolo notes, they have to be approved by ownership. So while we might not have seen the last of Seattle’s neon green uniforms, they might be found on the weekends now.

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