The NFL’s New Commercial Celebrating Equality And Love Sends A Wonderful Message

02.15.17 1 year ago

The NFL isn’t known for being a particularly progressive sports league. The league has struggled in the past with how to properly deal with domestic abusers and has long been behind on science regarding head injuries.

However, it appears as though the NFL is at least making an effort when it comes to showing its openness to racial and sexual equality through the latest commercial with the Ad Council. In a new spot called “Fans of Love” within the Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” series, fans of all races and sexual orientations are shown on the Kiss Cam.

The ad was shot in Orlando at this year’s Pro Bowl and turns around the much maligned Kiss Cam, to promote love between same-sex couples, interracial couples and just generally all kinds of people.

It is a touching commercial and one that promotes an overwhelmingly positive message. It also, in being through the Ad Council and not being directly done by the NFL, lacks the overwhelming message of “LOOK WE CARE, SEE HOW GOOD WE ARE” that often plagues the NFL’s commercials intended to show the league’s progressive nature (see: literally any of their concussion technology/spotter ad spots).

(h/t Out Sports)

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