The NFL Is Investigating Allegations That Jameis Winston Groped A Female Uber Driver

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The 2017-18 NFL season has run parallel with off-field controversy NFL owners would love fans to forget. NFL ratings are down. Roger Goodell’s job is in jeopardy. Donald Trump can’t stop tweeting about it. It’s been a full-fledged disaster on many levels.

Protests during the national anthem, started by Colin Kaepernick, reached a fever pitch earlier this season, but are still ongoing, with Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch the latest to stir up controversy in Mexico City. It’s been a major cause of friction between NFL players, owners, and political figures.

Then, you’ve got the Ezekiel Elliot suspension saga. Elliot was supposed to miss the first six games of the NFL regular season after the NFL suspended him for a domestic violence incident, but a series of appeals and legal madness kept Elliot on the field until he finally gave up the fight earlier this month.

According to reports, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell promised Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that Elliot wouldn’t be suspended, and since Elliot was suspended, Jones has been actively trying to remove Goodell from the NFL. It’s just been that kind of season where off-field issues overshadow the game, and we’ve got another story that is going to do just that.

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