Josh Brown Will Reportedly Not Be Charged With Domestic Violence Despite His Chilling Journal Admission

10.20.16 2 years ago


New York Giants kicker Josh Brown will not be charged with assault over the May 2015 incident when police were called due to Brown allegedly grabbing his wife by the wrist hard enough to cause pain. Prosecutors in Kings County, Oregon released a statement on why they decided not to move forward with the case, despite the existence of a journal of Brown’s that, if not incriminating, sure seems like it paints a picture of an abuser.

“To prevail on a misdemeanor charge of Assault in the Fourth Degree, the State would have to prove to the unanimous satisfaction of a jury that [Brown] intentionally assaulted [the alleged victim].”

“At the time of arrest, he claimed to have grabbed her wrist accidentally rather than intentionally. This cannot be adequately disproved without [the alleged victim’s] assistance providing incriminating testimony.”

The prosecutors did say that Brown’s ex-wife provided details of prior abuse, but apparently nothing she gave them was sufficiently incriminating for the incident in question. Despite the end of a criminal case, the release of the documents wherein Brown admitted he “physically, verbally and emotionally abused my wife” prompted the NFL to release a statement defending their decision to suspend the kicker for only one game this year.

Considering the NFL’s demonstrated lack of effort in procuring relevant documents in previous domestic abuse cases, we’re going to take their statement of ignorance with a grain of salt. Their promise to re-open the case and see if they should levy additional punishment is pretty classic for Roger Goodell, who will almost assuredly hand down another suspension for the crime of increased public attention for repeated crimes the victim already had made public.

(Via TMZ)

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