The NFLPA’s Leader Believes It’s ‘Almost A Virtual Certainty’ That A Lockout Is Coming

08.18.17 2 years ago

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If you love the National Football League, be prepared to pick up another hobby in the fall of 2021. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith says it’s likely the league and its players are heading toward another labor dispute. Smith spoke with Sports Illustrated‘s Monday Morning Quarterback vertical and reporter Albert Breer in a video the site posted on Thursday where Smith mentioned “armageddon” and called a labor dispute “almost a virtual certainty.”

The NFLPA head said the history of negotiations between the two sides indicates that some sort of labor dispute is coming, though he wouldn’t commit to whether or not it would mean the league actually cancels games. The last lockout occurred in 2011, though the league and players came to an agreement in July of that year and the regular season was undisturbed. But that doesn’t mean it will happen this time.

“We have a new deal where if it doesn’t get fixed, you head into a certain ‘small a’ armageddon,” Smith said.

Smith’s prediction doesn’t mean there won’t be football at all. These labor disputes have their roots in big words and bold proclamations and often result in few games actually missed — especially in the NFL — but the players’ stance seems firm here. If both sides are digging in four years in advance, we could be headed for some real trouble.

(Via Sports Illustrated)

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