What Would Your Favorite NFL Team’s Logo Look Like If It Swapped Colors With Another Team?


Uproxx’s own David Rappoccio has tackled many important questions by re-imaging NFL logos, such as “what if every logo from each division were combined into one,” and “what if all NFL logos were fat?” For my money, though, his most important research to date has been answering what I hadn’t realized was an age-old question until afterwards, “what would an NFL logo look like as a butt?” I didn’t realize I wanted to know the answer to that until after he told me, and that’s how we know this is important.

Keeping with the theme of re-imaging NFL logos, a recent post over at Imgur! asks the question, “what would happen if a team kept it’s same logo, but swapped colors with a different team?” Thankfully, we now have an answer.

Some of the best examples:

New England uses Atlanta’s colors

Chicago uses Indianapolis’ colors

Washington uses Pittsburgh’s colors

Miami uses Seattle’s colors

Oakland uses San Francisco’s colors

Buffalo uses Chicago’s colors

Cleveland uses Washington’s colors

Kansas City uses Green Bay’s colors

Click here to see them all.

[Via Imgur!]