Marshawn Lynch’s Fine-Worthy Crotch-Grab Made It Into Official NFL Merchandise

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks
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Whether your football team is a Super Bowl champion, conference leader, or merely existent, you can always find merchandise in the official NFL Shop. Some of these items might even include embarrassing, fine-worthy materials, like Marshawn Lynch’s crotch-grab worth $20,000. Despite the “slap on the wrist,” the celebratory pose made it into a frame on the Seattle Seahawks shop website.

For the sole purpose of clarification, here’s a close up of the whole frame:

marshawn lynch crotch 3

And here’s the offending photo blown way out of proportion:

marshawn lynch crotch 4

A few hours after the frame’s discovery went viral, one of two things happened. Either the NFL took it down, or everyone with an internet connection and a credit card number purchased it:

marshawn lynch crotch 2

I can neither confirm nor deny that I’m currently $149.95 in the red, plus tax.

(Via Twitter and NFL Shop)